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writing fan fiction

When your readers come across your ‘big reveal’…

But you know there’s an even bigger reveal coming to blow the whole thing out of the water…

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Carol Burnett, my hilarious hero, on fallontonight! I would watch the hell out of “Tensions”.

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Brother’s Keeper (Lab Rats)

Title: Brother’s Keeper

Fandom: Lab Rats (Disney)

Featuring: Donald Davenport (with bonus little!Adam, Bree and Chase)

Summary: Donald Davenport is - was - a big brother. Big brothers protect. Big brothers clean up messes. Yet this is one mess he isn’t sure he can rectify. Pre-show. One-shot.

Donald Davenport is - was - a big brother. With that came certain responsibilities. Big brothers were the ones to take care of things. Big brothers clean up and protect. It just came with the territory, like beating up bullies and giving out atomic wedgies. Cleaning up was what he had been doing for years. Maybe that’s what drove him here, to this place.

It had taken him two days to come. Two long, trying days attempting to piece together just what his brother had been up to, where the money had gone, why all the secrets. Now, even while standing in the center of a lab which even he had never known existed until this moment, Donald was confronted with the knowledge that for all his searching he still had no answers.


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Just posted a new story over on ff.net and within minutes received both a wonderfully sweet review and notification that both my stories for that fandom were added to a community of ‘must read’ stories.

I will admit this makes me more excited than it should. Regardless I’m so very uplifted by the sweet gesture.

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reblog if you love little house on the prairie



i really want to know how many of us are on tumblr

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Twist the bones and bend the back
Trim him of his baby fat
Give him fur black as black

Just like This

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Little House on the Prairie, 1974

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the best.

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